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Here will be a list of all of the locations in the world of Harmonium.

The Southern Continent

The southern continent is large, and while mostly flat, fairly geographically diverse. The Kingdom of Mur is located largely in the northwest, where the land is covered in plains suitable for farmland. The kingdom’s main city of Francesca lies next to a large lake which flows northwestwards to the ocean. As one heads to the south and the east, the land becomes more arid until it turns into a vast desert, which remains mostly uninhabited.

Past the desert, however, the land turns back into grasslands. There lies an archipelago that stretches out into the sea where the Eladrin have built a small city.

Races typically found…

Kingdom of Mur

The Kingdom of Mur controls the entirety of the southern continent, although this is only a political truth as much of the continent lays unclaimed. The capital city of Francesca lies in the northwestern region of the continent where the kingdom is most highly populated.


The Northern Continent

The northern continent is vast, though not as large as the southern continent. It does connect with the northern ice cap at its northern edge.

In the south and east, the human Republic of Kon dominates while in the northwest, where the land is covered by tall mountains, belongs to the dwarves.

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The Republic of Kon

The Republic of Kon is governed by a parliament of 6 elected officials, 4 human, 1 dwarf, and 1 halfling (decisions require a majority to pass). The parliament is run by a seventh elected official, the president, who only votes if there is a split vote amongst the parliament.

While Kon lacks the population of Mur by approximately half, its navy is second to none and it has strong relations with the dwarves.

The capital of Kaivok is located on the southeastern tip and is a major trade center for the entire world.


The Dark Continent

The dark continent, as it is called by the humans, lies to the east of the northern continent and northeast of the southern continent. Nobody is completely sure of its real size, except for the elves who manage to inhabit the land, deep within its impenetrable forests. The few human expedition trips that manage to safely navigate the notoriously tricky currents that surround it there and back only bring back stories of land unsuitable for human development and too dangerous for exploration.

Races typically found…


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